Most typical problem with web development as I see it


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I have decided to share with you my problem with web development which worries me the most.

One of the typical problems with web development is customers request for use of some specific technology that isn’t suitable for that use case. A typical example is using WordPress on nearly any website, from small to medium size, that has been requested recently.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that WordPress is bad in general, even this site is built using it after all, but it’s simply not suitable for every use case as some of the customers are requesting it to be.

WordPress is quite flexible in many ways, but sometimes it’s simply better, faster and cheaper to develop some custom system, use another CMS or at least use WordPress only in form of the headless CMS for some custom front-end applications. I would prefer the last option as it’s providing even more flexibility for providing some of the customers’ required features.

Do you have the same opinion or do you think that WordPress can be used anyhow? Do you have similar experiences with other platforms? Please let me know.

About another problems with web development I wrote about in this post.


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